• Angle Grinder Safety

    Angle grinders, also called side or disc grinders, are a handheld power tool used for cutting, grinding and polishing. They can be electric, gas powered, or pneumatic and come in a variety of sizes. Consider disc size, arbor size, motor power, power source and rpm in choosing the correct grinder for the job. How does it

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  • Selecting PPE for the Workplace Occupational Safety and

    Selecting PPE for the Workplace. Personal protective equipment (PPE) for the eyes and face is designed to prevent or lessen the severity of injuries to ers. The employer must assess the place and determine if hazards that necessitate the use of eye and face protection are present or are likely to be present before assigning PPE to ers.

  • Impact · Dust · Optical Radiation · Chemicals · Heat · OSHA Requirements
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    ppe grinding presentation Mine Equipments. Personal Protective Equipment PPT When PPE is required to protect employees it must be provided by the Operations such as grinding chiseling sanding hammering and spraying can create . Details; eTools

  • PPT Grinder Use Safety Training PowerPoint presentation

    Grinders have contributed to fatalities! 5 Most Recent Grinder Injuries. February 13, 2010 Oyster Creek, Texas While waiting for the grinder to power down, the individuals wrist came in contact with the grinding wheel requiring 20 stitches. March 22, 2010 Deer Park, Texas A grinding wheel came apart and struck the individual's arm

  • Grinder Safety -Hazards, Precautions, PPE Safety Notes

    Aug 10, 2019· Proper PPE, including double eye protection such as the use of goggles underneath of a shatter-resistant face shield and an inhalation mask such as dust mask, Leather gloves shall be worn by all personnel operating grinding machines.

  • PPE Safety Training PowerPoint Presentations

    Discusses all aspects of personal protective equipment that employees need to know. Excellent use of images throughout the presentation. 48 slides: Personal Protective Equipment The employer shall assess the place to determine if hazards are present, or are likely to be present, which necessitate the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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    Explain personal protective equipment training requirements. Explain the employer responsibilities regarding personal protective equipment. Explain the employee responsibilities regarding personal protective equipment. Objectives: Describe the hierarchy of controls as it relates to personal protective equipment.

  • The Basics of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    (For example, if you checked “No PPE needed” for Respiratory Protection, slides 40-42 can be deleted from the presentation.) Slides 2-5, and 43-46 MAY NOT BE REMOVED. Hearing PPE Needed when the average (over an 8 hour period) noise level of an area reaches 90 decibels.

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    PPE Use in Healthcare Settings Provide information on the selection and use of PPE in healthcare settings Pract how to safely don and remove PPE PPE Use in Healthcare Settings “specialized clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against infectious materials” (OSHA) PPE Use in Healthcare Settings PPE Use in Healthcare

  • Personal Protective Equipment Overview Occupational

    Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as "PPE", is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious place injuries and illnesses. These injuries and illnesses may result from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other place hazards.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Welding and Cutting

    general, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must protect against hazards such as burns, sparks, spatter, electric shock, and radiation. The use of PPE is a good safe pract and may be required by regulatory agencies. For example, OSHA requires the use of PPE when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective.

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    Feb 12, 2015· Grinder safety 1. Wajid Mustafa Mughal 12-BSM-341 2. Aim To create overall awareness about Grinder safety 3. • GRINDING MACHINES Grinding is a material removal and surface generating process used to shape and finish components made of metals.

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    View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Grinding Safety PPT. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of XPowerPoint, find free presentations research about Grinding Safety PPT (Hand or Portable Grinder) Grinder Parts PPE Safety or Shield Heavy Leather Gloves Appropriate Footwear RISKS Eye injuries


    This is an introductory slide. The presentation is not totally inclusive of all types of grinders. It is important to read and become familiar with the equipment before it is used. You should also be familiar with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements. Usually, eye and face protection is required when using grinders/abrasive wheels.

  • Welding Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing : OSH

    Eye injury can also occur from hot slag and other metal debris that can fly off from the weld during cooling, chipping or grinding. Protect your eyes from welding light by wearing a welder's helmet fitted with a filter shade that is suitable for the type of welding you are doing.

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    By Kurt Ivory, Chief Marketing Offr, RPB Safety LLC, and Wade Hannon, Account Manager, Graco. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets personal protective equipment (PPE) standards for dry abrasive blasting, there is no broad industry standard covering wet or vapor abrasive blasting.

  • Grinding Hazards: Causes & Recommended Safety Precautions

    Apr 09, 2019· Grinding is a challenging and rewarding job, no double about it. While it takes lots of pract to master it, there are several hazards associated with it. Even the expert can’t escape it unless taken good care. Grinding hazards involves eye-injuries, affected lung, and even the danger of fire! But that only happens ONLY when Grinding Hazards: Causes &


    equipment (PPE). Angle grinders have several functions including sanding, grinding and cutting processes, depending on the type of disc used. When operating, the cutting or grinding disc may come into contact with a body part, or shatter and throw off pieces at extremely high speed. An operator could easily sustain cuts, abrasions, burns or eye

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    Oct 12, 2010· Abrasive Grinding Wheels. Session Objectives You will be able to: • Identify grinder hazards • Understand guarding requirements • Select necessary PPE • Adjust rests, replace wheels, and conduct a ring test • Inspect grinders properly before use • Work safely on abrasive grinding wheels What You Need to Know • OSHA regulations • Types of grinders

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    Jul 31, 2015· Operate tools according to the manufacturers’ instructions. Provide and use properly the right personal protective equipment. 17 18. General Safety PrecautionsGeneral Safety Precautions Appropriate personal protective equipment should be worn due to hazards that may be encountered while using portable power tools and hand tools.

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    Crankshaft Grinding and Crankshaft Grinders RA Power Solutions has experience of more than forty years in this field of crankshaft grinding and machining on land sites and on board sea going vessels and off-shore anywhere in the world. We offer onsite grinding and machining of crankshafts having diameter ranging from 30 mm to 700 mm.

  • Use of Portable Grinders : OSH Answers

    Oct 03, 2016· Right-angle grinder the grinding face of the wheel or disc is at an angle of between 5 and 15 degrees from the grinding surface. Vertical grinder the grinding wheel face is in contact with the surface. Use racks or hooks to store portable grinders. Stand away from the wheel when starting grinders. Warn co-ers to do the same.

  • Abrasive Wheel Safety Health Safety & Environment

    1.9.3 Side grinding; 1.10 Personal protective equipment; Abrasive Wheel. Introduction: The purpose of this guidance is to give adv on precautions for the prevention of accidents in the use of abrasive wheels, in particular injury resulting from either wheel breakage or contact with a running wheel. For the duties of those people using

  • PPE-002B/A-PTG-002B: Sharpie Tungsten Grinders

    Premium replacement wheel for Sharpie® and PowerPoint® Hand-Held Tungsten Electrode Grinders. Part No: PPE-002B / A-PTG-002B Dimensions: 1.00" OD, 0.115" ID, .043" thick